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America Stucco Cement Type S

American Cement Company AmStar Stucco Cement is specifically formulated and manufactured to produce an ASTM C-929 Portland Cement plaster mix M facing material that can be applied to any interior or exterior flat or curved surface that is dimensionally stable.

American makes a Super, Stucco Cement using the highest quality Portland Cement, plasticizers, workability agents, and air-entraining additives. These ingredients are proportioned, combined, and packaged under strictly-controlled conditions to ensure uniformity and excellent performance. We actually used to offer other Brands of Stucco Cement, but American Stucco Cement is the only brand our customers ask for by name.

American Stucco Cement offers everything you could ask for – it has fantastic workability, glides on easily and instantly clings to itself. Stucco contractors find that its dense consistency makes it easy to define texture and create a beautiful, weather resistant finish.

American Stucco Cement exceeds ASTM C 1328 Standard Specification for Plastic (Stucco) Cement used to produce scratch, brown, and finish coat applications, as defined in ASTM C 926 Application of Portland Cement-Based Plaster.

American Stucco Cement is sold by the 80 Lbs bag and come 48 to the pallet. Call Carroll’s Building Materials today for all your Stucco and Masonry needs.