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Cedar Bark Stone

Cedar Bark Stone is so named because of its resemblance to natural Cedar Bark. (Shown here)

This rare stone has a very interesting story. Nearly 100 years ago, coal miners in Northern Alabama left mini-mountains of mixed bi-product outside the mines while searching for new veins of coal. These Manmade mountains spontaneously combusted and caught on fire because it contained lower grades of coal. These burning mountains were a mixture of shale, sandstone, red clay, slag, low grade coal, and iron pyrites. Temperatures inside these mountains reached over 2000 degrees F, causing the formation of a new rare red rock we call Cedar Bark Stone.

Today very little bi-product is discarded and new environmental laws regulating the mining industry prevent the creation of these mini mountains. Once these deposits are exhausted this rock will be gone. This makes Cedar Bark Stone one of the rarest rocks on earth.

Cedar Bark Stone makes a great ground cover and is regularly used around plants for landscaping. Unlike pine bark this stone maintains its original beauty and rarely needs replenishing. A single application applied at the appropriate thickness will help minimize weed growth, prevent erosion, and insulate your plants from both hot and cold weather. Best of all, this stone is maintenance free. Delivery around greater Tampa Bay area is available 6 days a week. Call now to get your own piece of history.