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How to Order Concrete

Ordering Concrete from Carroll’s Building Materials is a simple process, and can be done over the phone, or online. The following is a step-by-step guide to help make your next concrete order quick and easy:

Step 1

The Basic Information: Gather Information About Your Concrete Needs

Before you call, gather this basic information:

Step 2

Give us a call!

Step 3

Get Ready. 

Now that your concrete is scheduled, here are a few things that might help —

Note: Concrete Dispatch will call the night before the pour to make sure we are still ready to go. We do not finish concrete. We only deliver concrete. However, we can recommend a competent finisher for your specific job.


Do-It-Yourself check List Prior to Pour:

Carroll’s Building Materials is a top seller of Ready-Mix / Mix on site Concrete for the Tampa Bay, Pinellas, and St. Pete areas. Order a concrete truck delivery from Carroll’s for your next commercial or residential project. Whether you’re pouring a simple concrete driveway, or you need concrete for a large office building, Carroll’s has everything you need.