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Stucco Lath & Vinyl Products

Carroll’s Building Materials offers a full line of Stucco Products including: Lath, Vinyl Products, Sand, Cement, Stucco Fiber, Pre-mixed Stucco, Woncote Plaster, Perlite, Structo-lite, Bonding Agent, Tools and Accessories. These products are available for delivery nationwide. Click on the pictures below for additional information.

The Vinyl Products manufactured by AMICO and distributed by Carroll’s Building Materials are produced using 100% post-industrial recycled material, providing maximum LEED Credit for MR 4.1 & 4.2. These re-ground vinyl compounds meet ASTM D-4216 for exterior components and ASTM D-1784 for interior components. AMICO Vinyl Accessories are long-lasting and durable, both during installation and for the service life of the structure. Products shown for EIFS/DEFS applications are produced from exterior grade compounds, per ASTM D-4216. These products are made with compounds rich in Titanium Dioxide that gives them the white color and makes them highly resistant to the harmful effects of UV, including discoloration, and cracking. The color is the same throughout the bead. and will not peel, chip or rust. AMICO beads are also paintable. Our vinyl bead products will hold acrylic, latex, and oil base paints. Some colors may take two coats or a primer and finish coat to cover.

Note: Some Vinyl items may not all be in stock and require additional lead time. Contact Sales to determine availability.