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Mesquite Stone

Mesquite Stone like volcanic rock is formed by intense heat which expands the rock transforming it onto an extremely light weight stone. Mesquite Light Weight Stone has a beautiful natural color and makes a great ground cover that provide the perfect background for landscaping. This light weight rock is a great choice to for green building stone, and for drought tolerant landscape stone.

Mesquite Stone can also be blended with soil to provide an excellent environment for healthy root structure, including Green Roofs, due to its ability to retain as much as 15% of its weight in absorbed water and water-borne nutrients. Once absorbed, water and nutrients are steadily released as the soil dries. Mesquite Stone will not compress, decompose, or react with agricultural or horticultural chemicals. This Stone is highly predictable, consistent, and stable over time under varying soil conditions and provides excellent aeration in the soil mix.

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