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Solid Clay Brick Pavers

Clay Bricks have been manufactured throughout history all around the world. Typically, Solid Clay Brick Pavers are associated with formal landscapes and scenic drives meandering through the historic districts of our great nation. Century-old brick streets are still in use across America.

Residential use of Solid Clay Brick is relatively new trend in landscaping. Homeowners are landscaping with clay brick to bring a bit of that timeless beauty to their landscape project.

Brick is made by firing clay to 2000+ degrees, changing the molecular structure. The blend of variant raw materials and additives dictates the color of each style of clay brick. Slight changes to the firing process can also add to the color range. This is known as “flashing”.

Because of their beauty and durability Clay Brick Paver are being used for driveways, walkways, patios, pool decks, porches and more. Solid Clay Brick can transform almost any landscape from the ordinary to the extraordinary!

We offer a large selection of new and antique paver brick to chose from. We also offer Paver Base Material including Lime Rock Screening, Concrete Screening, and Sand all delivered to you 6 days a week. Call or visit us today.