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Pavers, Profiles, and Finishes

Paving Stones first originated in Europe and were used to pave ancient Rome, and subsequently throughout the rebuilding of cities post-WWII. Now Pavers are used in virtually every country in the world.

Pavers come in a range of sizes, shapes and finishes to fit a small space or create a commanding presence in a backyard. Their versatile design combined with their durable surface make pavers an excellent choice for driveways.

Turf Stone and River Stone are an excellent way to create a pervious parking area, or an RV or Boat parking pad.

Paver paths are an ideal way to connect the garden to other areas around the landscape like a bench or backyard pond. Pavers are a bold way to create a backyard patio to use as your own private getaway. Consider the addition of a fire pit to add dramatic effect.

Pavers come in several finishes including, Standard, Slate, Pervious, or Tumbled.

We offer a large selection of Concrete Pavers, Concrete Paver Brick, and Concrete Paver Slabs to chose from. We also offer Paver Base Material including Lime Rock Screening, Concrete screening, and Sand all delivered to you 6 days a week. Call or visit us today.