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Looking for sand? Carroll’s Building Materials moves thousands of tons of sand each year. We stock Dried Blasting Sand, Construction Sand, Concrete Sand, Stucco Sand, Beach Sand, Play Sand, Mason Sand, and White Diamond Sand.

For construction we only carry FDOT approved double washed sands. If you need 100’s of tons a month or just 1 yard for a sand box we deliver 6 days a week. No job is too large or small.

We also offer specialty sands from all over Florida to meet you specific needs. Check out our complete list of aggregates available, or call our sales department for more details.

Blast Sand

Blast Sand – Abrasive dried sand is used for the removal of heavy rust, concrete, mill scale rust, paint from steel surfaces including epoxy Paints. We stock the following grades of Blasting Sand.

6 / 20 Coarse Blast Sand
20 / 30 Medium Blast Sand
30 / 65 Fine Blast Sand
60 / 80 Very Fine Blast Sand

Mason Sand

Manson Sand – Our Mason Sand is Double Washed and FDOT approved. It is an excellent sand for making mortar and is also used in combination with screening to lay pavers.

White Diamond Sand

White Diamond Sand – White Diamond Sand is a course very white sand, double washed and screened to FDOT Specifications. White Diamond Sand makes an excellent Stucco Sand because of its consistency of gradation and color. Because it is FDOT approved it meets a higher standard than regular concrete sand. White Diamond Sand It is the only sand we use in our concrete. It also has a high FM of 2.23 so it makes an excellent concrete pump mix.

Beach Sand / Play Sand

Beach Sand / Play Sand – Our Beach Sand is clean white and soft with no sharp shells. This sand has been used for years at the sand castle competitions on Treasure Island Beach.

Sand Bags

Buy Sand Bags: Call us today or visit our location to order pre-bagged sand or bulk sand. Get prepared for Hurricane and flood waters.

Available sand bag sizes:

35 pound bags
40 pound bags
45 pound bags
50 pound bags

Use our bags, or yours.

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