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Crushed Glass Landscape Rocks

You can use many different kinds of material to create interesting decorative features, and glass is certainly one of them! Colorful and non-toxic, Crushed Landscape Glass has a dramatic effect in many applications.

Imagine a sparkling ribbon of color leading you through the garden or from the street to your front step. Using LED back lighting with your Colored Glass Landscape Mulch will create spectacular effects. Xeriscaping designs can now sparkle with vibrant blues, purples and greens, just to name a few. The rainbow of colors available can bring to life any dry riverbed, fountain accent, flagstone filler or rock garden.

Our Crushed Landscape Glass Rocks are tumbled so there are no sharp edges. It’s made of recycled Colored Glass making it sustainable and eco-friendly. Order Crushed Landscape for your next project.

We ship nationwide… Some of the samples shown here are backlit for dramatic effect.