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Topsoil is the uppermost layer of the soil. The highest concentration of organic matter and micro-organisms is usually located in this top layer of about 2 to 8 inches. This layer is extremely rich in nutrients. That’s why plants generally concentrate their roots in the Topsoil. Our Organic Topsoil is blended specifically for use in this area’s naturally occurring sandy soil. Our Top Soil has a high concentration of organic matter and various microorganisms that sustain plant life. It’s this decomposed matter that gives our top soil it’s dark color. While gardeners might not necessarily think of soil as “inorganic” in the sense of “unnatural,” many soils are made using compost from yard waste. Non-organic soils may contain chemical fertilizers, pesticides, fungicides, and herbicides. Our Organic Top soil, by contrast, does not contain chemical ingredients, providing a rich substrate for plants to grow by natural means. When replenishing top soil you want to achieve a 6” – 8” depth for best results. When possible adding a layer of Chocolate Mulch to the Topsoil has many advantages including its ability to maintain moisture levels during dry spells, its insulating powers that help soil and plants battle winter’s freezing temperatures and the summer’s heat. As the mulch decomposes the mulch will continue to feed the soil. Once established you will only need to add mulch to continue to build topsoil. Avoid turning the soil once it is established so as not to disturb the naturally occurring bugs and micro organisms which give the soil life.

Organic Garden Blend

Our Organic Garden Blend soil is a Gardening and Landscape soil that contains only ingredients which are organic. It contains a mix of top soil, manure, peat, and pine bark fines. Call today for fast delivery of our Organic Topsoil or Organic Garden Blend soil, throughout the Tampa Bay area.