Santorini White Pebbles

Santorini Premium White Stone (also called White Thassos Pebbles) is one of the purist natural white marble pebbles available in the world today. Santorini White Pebbles are used for Pebbled Floors, Water Features, Wall Covering, Swimming Pools, landscaping, garden shaping and decoration. In Santorini the pebbles are even used on roofs to reflect the sun light.

Santorini Stone comes in a variety sizes including: 3/8″- 1″, 1″- 2″, 2″- 4″, 4″-10″ , 6″-24″. Santorini Boulders are also available. You can buy Santorini Stone by the .lbs, in Bags, Bulk Bags or by Dump Truck Delivery available 6 days a week. Call today.

Beach Pebbles weight per cubic yard:
About 2,400 – 2,900 pounds per cubic yard.

Shipping Available:
Nationwide (for smaller sizes)

Order size by cubic yard
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